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What this service includes: Includes Clean up of (1) user profile. Manually remove all Virus, Trojan and Malware infections. Remove bootkits and rootkits Scan with professional virus removal tools. Repair damaged Operating System files to original condition. Clean and remove useless registry entries and optimize Remove all temporary files and un-wanted startup program entries Defrag hard drive with professional software Replace bloated anti-virus with lightweight, fast anti-virus solution,if needed. Check for and install the latest Windows patches Free pickup and delivery within 10 Kilometes of our location.                                    
What this service includes: Optimize startup and shutdown of Windows Remove unwanted startup programs that slow Windows down. Remove unwanted programs from your PC known as bloatware, which slows down your PC. Enable security functions in Internet Explorer Scan for Viruses,Trojans,Malware and advise on repair if needed. Install FREE programs to help keep you PC performing efficiently. Test and verify all our repairs Remove dust from the PC fan grills and heat-sinks(in shop only) *Laptops may require disassembly  
What this service includes: Both the Virus Removal Special $100.00 and the PC Tune up Special $59.00 are included with this service. Saving a further $20.00 with this service! Call us now @ 0431125168 *We offer free pick up and delivery for the The first 10 kilometer, after that its $1.50 a kilometer.
Winter Special  Virus removal $100.00
Winter Special Combined $139.00
Winter Special PC Tuneup $59.00

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